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Business Central Consultant (Functional Application Specialist)


Develop, set-up, maintain and safeguard availability, security and quality of (technical) applications and systems for internal and external stakeholders, within given technical boundaries of the overall IT infrastructure.


Organisation Chart:

Director Finance & Control

Manager IT

Functional Application Specialist



System and application development

Be up-to-date with the IT developments and innovation. Judge usability of available systems and applications and advise superior accordingly. Develop and discuss functional design and budget with suppliers (for hardware, software, telephone) and if requested assist in developing the technical design. Submit to Manager IT for approval. Develop and maintain a master data library. Write Administrator and User manuals. Analyse cause of incidents and shortcomings of applications and systems and suggest improvements (yard standards, methods, processes and procedures) and/or standardization.

Application management

Set-up, configure, administer and maintain (Engineering) configurations.

Analyse master data that has to be maintained and made available to internal and external stakeholders. Develop and maintain project specific environments for internal and external stakeholders in which data can be requested, consulted, exchanged and/or saved. Participate in IT related projects. Solve incidents and/or shortcomings if necessary with the assistance of supplier and/or IT subcontractor. Act as key-user for the assigned applications. Ensure traceability, availability and confidentiality of data. Ensure, in cooperation with helpdesk, that the applications Users are supported in a timely manner. Manage the Users expectations accordingly to internally agreed standards.

Training and advice

Support clusters and projects with regard to use of systems and applications, setting up the system environment and library, reporting structures. Train, give advice and solve questions and/or problems of Users.


Ensure timely and correct reporting to Manager IT based on set key performance indicators in accordance with applicable procedures and guidelines. In case of problems within IT projects timely escalate to Manager IT for further resolution.


Problem-solving ability (level 3)

Detects problems and identifies possible causes Solves problems on his own or together with others

Analyses problems and solves problems by means of scenarios

  • Analyses problems, discovers the actual question behind the problems
  • Thinks in terms of scenarios. In addition to bottlenecks, lists various alternatives and describes consequences of possible solutions in broad outlines.
  • Structures, reflects, asks in-depth questions and thus helps others to come up with solutions or alternatives
  • Perseverance (level 2)

    Demonstrates perseverance on the way to achieving goals, even when setbacks and resistance seem to stand in the way. Perseveres in achieving medium term goals.

  • Keeps going despite criticism and opposition
  • Seeks possibilities for advancing when faced with obstacles
  • Challenges resistance in order to achieve goals
  • Autonomy (level 2)

    Demonstrates autonomous behavior, does not hesitate to maintain and defend his own opinions

    Demonstrates autonomous behavior in a changing environment with various interests

  • Adopts an exploratory and critical attitude, asks in-depth questions in order to make matters clear and to be able to take up a standpoint.
  • Takes up an autonomous standpoint, even when interests differ
  • Continues to perform effectively under pressure and uncertain circumstances
  • Expertise (level 3)

    Developing knowledge on the discipline and utilizing that knowledge effectively for one’s own position or organization.

    Passes knowledge of the discipline on to others

  • Has the ability to pass knowledge and professional skills on to others inside and outside the organisation (e.g., by means of seminars, giving addresses at conferences, giving lectures, publishing articles, etc.).
  • Does his best to acquire a good reputation with respect to the discipline
  • Participates in consultative bodies and/or forms of cooperation and/or network groups focusing on the discipline
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